• Mexican people charmed by the Saltworks of Salins-les-Bains :)

    touristes mexicains qui visitent les SalinesJob told me their impressions of the Saltworks’s discovery :) :

    « We are from Mexico and we’re staying with a friend. We came specifically to see Arbois, the town that gave us Louis Pasteur. We found a leaflet about the Saltworks at the tourist information centre in Arbois, and it’s a real discovery.

    It’s totally unknown in Mexico, where we only ever hear about Polish mines. The history of the site and the salt extraction process are really interesting.

    This is our first visit to Franche-Comté. The region has very beautiful architecture, with pretty, authentic towns. We love the vineyards and the lush countryside. We were impressed by the fact that the Saltworks is a UNESCO world heritage site.

    We’ll tell people about this in Mexico and we’d gladly come back. »

    3 commentaires sur “Mexican people charmed by the Saltworks of Salins-les-Bains :)

    • ça c’est bien chouette ! Notre région et nos beaux sites unesco plaisent outre atlantique :-)

      • Bonsoir Claire, tout à fait d’accord avec votre remarque… Bien souvent, ce sont nos touristes ou amis expatriés qui nous font redécouvrir ou apprécier les charmes de notre belle Comté ;) .

    • Es cierto que es un lugar muy hermoso!! That’s a very beautiful place Salins les Bains!!!

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